24 years old fashion designer from Paris graduated from Central Saint Martins.I often describe my aesthetic as a Cronut. A mix between the elegance of a Parisian croissant and the eccentricity of a sparkled donut.


I dont like boring fashion. I dont want to dress people, I want them to wear my garment. The difference is subtle. When someone wears a piece ive created, my aim is to make this person feels confident, almost fearless. As when you are walking in the street on a sunny day, with great music on your earphones.  

 WHAT GIVES YOU INSPIRATION ?I am inspired by everything that intrigues me in a way. So it can be anything. But mostly people I would say. Humans are weird animals. 

SWAROVSKI SPONSORED?I am super lucky that Swarovski sponsored me with Crystals of different shapes and size. 

J.SIMONE SUSTAINABLE ? The brand is trying be more and more sustainable. Using zero waste techniques thanks to smock, second hand fabrics, upcycling, vegetable tanning techniques.