"Iceberg" is a journey through the tragic luxury of the famous ocean liner. Captivating the imagination with a deliciously absurd elegance.
    Each piece embodies a character, a social class, and tells a story fueled by the opulence of the evenings on board of the Titanic.

    On April 14, 1912, the water of the Atlantic is at -2 degrees.
    The opulent furs of the grand dames of the first class mingle with the rags of the third. Missing lifebuoys recall the impending tragedy. Beneath the ship, fish follow the procession, while Rose rebels.

    The collection is inspired by many aspect around the Titanic

    •⁠ ⁠the Sailor universe : with some sailor collar, The raincoat for the utilisation of snaps buttons.
    •⁠ ⁠The sea : sponsored by Nordic leather fish, we created some looks with salmon fish skin sustainably tanned. We used also as prints some fish skin pattern, such as the surgeon fish
    •⁠ ⁠The Boat : some looks are inspired by the equipment on the Titanic. The lifebuoys, mooring buoys, and ropes As an exemple, all the fur or silk placed on the chest or all around the body at low hips level represent the lifebuoys.
    •⁠ ⁠1910’s fashion era : with fluid gowns, very flowing and long, lots of luxuriance fur, worn by rich people
    •⁠ ⁠The nudity : inspired by the mythic scene of Rose beeing painted by Leonardo
    •⁠ ⁠The movie : Blending male and female wardrobes . With nods to the characters' outfits, mixing boy and girl but also to Baywatch, for example, for a twist of humor.